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Item: AM-1                                                                                                 Amber and
gem stone necklace.  Approx 20 inches around the neck.  The tassle is approx.6
inches long.
$ 125.00
Item: 29-N
Necklace with rectangular cognac amber
Item: 30-A
Natural Amber and turquoise necklace.  Approx. 32 inches long with tassle extending
another 6 inches.  
Item: 31-N
Necklace with oval green amber   
  Item: 32-N
Necklace with round honey color amber  
  Item: 33-N
Necklace with round and oval cognac amber  
Item: 34-P
Square amber pendant  
Item: 35-P
Snow flake with amber   
Item: 36-P
Locket with amber on lifetree  
Item: 37-P
Locket with oval amber  
Item: 38-P
Square amber in silver  
Item: 39-P
Zilu pendant with teal stones  
Item: 40-P
Life tree with amber  
Item: 41-P
Lifetree pendant
Item: 42-P
Latvijas Republika pendant  
Item: 43-P
Window pendant  
Item: 44-P
Mara's (mother earth) pendant with amber  
Item: 45-P
Round amber with two bells
Item: 46-P
Short Nameja pendant
Item: 47-P
Morning star pendant  
Item: 48-P
Square Lightening pendant
Item: 49-C
Large Nameja cross
Item: 50-C
Small Nameja cross  
Item: 51-C
Engraved cross  
Item: 52-C
Inlaid amber cross   
Item: 53-C
Silver cross with twist wire and oval amber  
Item: 54-C
Silver cross with amber over Auseklis star   
Item: 55-C
Silver cross with twist wire wrap
Item: 56-P
Silver airplane  
Item: 57-C
Silver beaded cross  
Item: 58-P
Silver Folk Dancing couple  
$98.00                          sale
price:$49.00 no chain
Item:  59-AM                                                                                               Natural
Amber and Turquoise three tier necklace.  Approx. 17 inches.   
Item: 60-P
Nameja circle with charm
Item: 61-P
Nameja pendant with stone dangle  
Item: 62-C
Cross with leaves and oval amber  
Item: 63-C
Cross with red Garnet  
Item: 64-C
Amber cross with chain  
Item: 65-P
Auseklis star with amber  
Item: 66-P
Moon (closed work) design with two dangles and amber  
Item:  67-Amt                                                                                                  Natural
Amber and Turquoise beads.  Two tiers.  Approx.  20 inches long.
Item: 68-P
Various color amber hearts on chains  
Item: 69-Am                                                                                                        
Natural Amber beads.....two tiers.  Approx. 24 inches long.
$ 98.00
Item: 70-Am                                                                                                                 
Natural Amber Beads.  Approx. 27 inches long.  Multi colored.
Item: 71-P
Round amber with two dangles  
Item: 72-P
Square stone with Latvian charms
Item: 73-C
Cross with square ambers   
Item: 74-P
Silver tear drop with three dangles   
Item: 75 Citrine                                                                        
Genuine natural Citrine necklace.  Approx. 30 inches long.  
Bracelet to match if desired.
Necklace: $23.00                           
Bracelet: $12.00
Item: 76-P
Large sphere amber on silver chain   
Item: 78-P
Sveiks (greetings) pendant with stone  
Item: 79-P
Oval silver pendant with lilac amethyst
Item: 80-P
Round silver pendant with moon design and lite blue stone  
Item: 82-P
Large silver pendant with terra cotta color Carnelian  
Item: 83-P
Silver pendant with genuine amethyst, peridot, citrine on a silk cord   
Item: 84-P
Large silver cross with genuine topaz.
Item: 85-P
Large hand carved silver cross  
Item: 86-P
Silver slide with CZ diamonds on an Omega chain
Item: 87-P
Large silver filigree pendant with lilac Amethyst on a thick chain   
Item: 88-P
Oval green tourmalene set in silver and topped with garnet, amethyst, peridot on
omega chain
Item: 89-P
Silver and gold two tone pendant with Sapphire  
Item: 90-P
Silver heart locket with green malachite
$98.00       sale price: $49.00
Item: 91-P
Lite green-gold Topaz set in  a silver bezel on an Omega chain
Item: 92-P
Silver slide with genuine lilac amethyst on a thick omega  
Item: 93-P
Silver nugget setting with oval red stone
Item: 94-P
Silver set lilac Charolite  
Item: 95-P
Oval black Onyx set in silver
$98.00   sale price : $69.00
Item: 96-P
Silver contempo slide with clear Topaz
Item: 97-P
Silver mesh collar
Item: 98-P
Contempo silver slide with CZ diamond
Item: 99-P
Natural amber beads on cord
Item: 100-P
Silver cross with amber
Item: 101-P
Turquoise and silver oval
Item: 102-P
Large silver slide with sun design and red genuine crystal
Item: 103-P
Silver pendant with oval genuine Turquoise
Item: 104-P
Silver slide with amber
Item: 105-P
Quad design slide with turquoise  
Item: 107-P
Silver slide with clear Topaz
Item: 108-P
Genuine multi-stone pendant with morning star dangle
Item: 109-P
Silver princess design with red crystal on Omega chain  
Item: 110-P
Large silver pendant with oval amber and silver leaf
Item: 114-P
Dark red amber set in silver design hung on cord
Item: 115-P
Contempo design holds natural shape large amber  
$259.00                 sale price:
Item: 117-P
Unique two tone amber ( Cognac and yellow tone) set in silver
$225.00                sale price:
Item: 118-P
Oval honey amber set in silver
Item: 119-P
Natural shape cognac amber set in silver
Item: 120-P
Large amber and turquoise slide on black cord
$225.00                sale price:
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