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Item: 121-p
Silver slide with eleven amber beads
Item: 123-P
Amber beaded cross with silver studs on black silk cord
Item: 124-P
Rectangular slide with amber
Item: 125-P
Large natural shape amber set in silver on a rawhide cord
Item: 126-P
Oval silver slide with amber and brown cord
Item: 127-P
Inlaid yellow and cognac amber in shape of cross with silver
Item: 128-P
Amber and silver bangle necklace
Item: 129-P
Cloth crochet collar with amber beads and back closure
$129.00                sale
Item: 130-P
Castle design slide with garnet crystal on silver omega
Item: 131-P
Amber disk on a leather cord
Item: 132-P
Silver soccer ball on brown cording
Item: 133-P
Silver slide with ancient sun symbol on very thick braided cord  
Item: 134-P
Silver slide with oval Onyx , topaz, amethyst, citrine, peridot,on double silk
Item: 135-P
Square onyx with silver hung on black silk twisted cord
Item: 138-P
Silver and garnet necklace decorated with marcasite
Item: 139-P
Cognac color faceted amber beads  18 inches long
Item: 140-P
Silver slide with hot pink Titanium Druzy and braided silver chain  
Item: 141-P
Silver hand carved neck ring   
Item: 142-P
Silver slide with Garnet and Marchasite on a neck wire    
Item: 144-P
Silver hand carved neck ring
Item: 145-P
Large silver "Castle" slide with red Corundum  
Item: 146-P
Silver contempo slide with yellow amber on multi leather cord  
Item: 147-P
Silver contempo necklace with cognac amber
Item: 148-P
Large 1 X 1.5 inch oval citrine set in silver with long thick silver chain
Item: 149-P
Silver pendant with purple quartz stone  
Item: 150-P
Silver slide with lite green quartz
Item: 153-P
Silver clear topaz slide
Item: 154-P
Silver massive "Nameja" twist pendant on a thick twisted leather cord
Item: 157-P
Silver slide with black onyx and marcasite
Item: 158-P
Silver and gold metals combined on this slide with topaz-pearl-tourquoise
Item: 159-P
Gold pendant with genuine green Obsidian and large charm
Item: 160-P
Gold pendant with genuine Tourmalene and large dangle
Item: 161-P
Gold pendant with genuine blue topaz amd small dangle
Item: 163-C
Gold cross with morning star design
Item: 164-P
Gold slide with Mystic Topaz on a silk rope
Item: 165-P
Gold pendant with pink topaz and Martin design
Set 179-P
Pendent $729.00
Earrings $1300.00
Item: 166-P
Gold slide with Emerald cut green Obsidian
Item: 167-P
Gold slide with pink Tourmalene
Item: 169-P
Fresh water pearls mixed with onyx beads
$129.00                sale
Item: 171-P
Gold slide with two London blue Topaz  
Item: 172-P
Gold ladder slide with emerald cut lemon quartz
Item: 173-P
White and Rose gold two tone slide with square clear Topaz  
Item: 174-P
Gold ladder slide with London blue Topaz
Item: 175-P
Gold scalloped Life tree slide with purple amethyst corundum stone
Item: 176-P
Gold necklace with 24k gold  veined oval natural quartz
$495.00                sale
Item: 177-P
Gold slide with beautiful Titanium Druzy and amethyst
$525.00                sale price:
Item: 178-P
Gold slide with blue-green Beryl on a silk cord  
Item: 180-P
Three strands of cultured pearls with gold
Item: 181-P
Gold slide with Champagne color Topaz
Item: 182-P
14k white gold slide with a long cut garnet
Item: 183-P
Large gold slide with oval Pink to Violet genuine Kundzite
Item: 188-P
Gold pendant with closed moon design and a blue Topaz
Item: 189-P
Gold pendant with oval pink Kundzite and a 7-day charm
Item: 190-P
Gold pendant with life tree design and an amber
Item: 191-P
Gold pendant with cinnamon pink Tourmalene and diamonds
Item: 192-P
Gold pendant with Lemon Quartz and Sun design
Item: 193-P
Gold pendant with very lite pink Kundzite and 2-dangles
Item: 194-P
Gold princess design pendant with amber
Item: 195-P
Gold cross with Martin design
Item: 196-P
Gold pendant with oval green Tourmalene and Sun design
Item: 197-P
Mother and child pendant cut into agate and set in14k gold  
Item: 198-P
Gold cross with carved design and scalloped edge
Item: 199-P
Small gold crucifix
Item: 200-P
Gold 2-tone cross
Item: 201-P
Gold cross with engraved edges
Item: 203-P
Gold pendant with stylized lifetree and genuine Aquamarine
Item: 205-P
Gold pendant with two Smokey Topaz Quartz stones
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