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Item: 74-R
Silver contemporary ring with two cognac Ambers  
$ 69.00
Item: 75-R
Silver contemporary ring with honey Amber  
$ 49.00
Item: 78-R
Silver Moon design ring with open work and Amber
Silver: $ 159.00
Item: 80-R
Large silver ring with Agate
$ 149.00  
Item: 81-R
Silver ring with genuine purple Charolite
$ 98.00
Item: 83-R
Silver ring with antique design and Garnet
$ 39.00
Item: 84-R
Silver ring with butterfly design and oval Garnet
$ 39.00
Item: 85-R
Silver ring with princess cut CZ   
$ 39.00
Item: 86-R
Large silver Castle design ring with blue Corundum  :  
Silver $ 289.00
Gold: $ 1,495.00
Item: 87-R
Silver ring with twelve  green Peridot
Item: 88-R
Large silver ring with twelve lilac Amethysts  
$ 189.00
Item: 89-R
Large silver ring with Garnet, Topaz. Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot  
$ 189.00
Item: 91-R
Silver ring with cluster set CZ diamonds
$ 98.00
Item: 92-R
Silver ring with genuine round clear Topaz  
$ 159.00
Item: 95-R
Silver ring with Marchasite and blue Corundum   
$ 98.00
Item: 97-R
Silver D.V. symbol ring   
$ 189.00
Item: 98-R
Silver "Auseklis" star ring   
Item: 99-R
Silver ring with clear Topaz and rope design  
$ 198.00
Item: 101-R
Silver ring with morning star design and twist wire shank  
$ 189.00
Item: 102-R
Silver ring with Latvian crest   
$ 229.00
Item: 103-R
Silver band with diagonal rope design
$ 139.00
Item: 104-R
Silver band with morning star design
$ 189.00
Item: 105-R
Contemporary silver ring with swirl pattern   
$ 159.00
Item: 106-R
Silver woven design ring   
$ 98.00
Item: 108-R
Low Nameja ring with inner twist    
Silver:  $ 198.00
Gold:  $ 695.00
Item: 109-R
Double Nameja ring  (can have center stone)
Silver:  $ 298.00
Gold:  $ 1,695.00
Item: 110-R
Silver band with swirl pattern   
$ 98.00
Item: 111-R
Silver band with various twist designs
$ 89.00
Item: 112-R
Silver band with ridges
Silver:  $ 98.00
Gold:  $ 898.00
Item: 113-R
Silver band with wave design
$ 98.00
Item: 114-R
Silver gents ring with Onyx
$ 69.00
Item: 115-R
Silver band with twist design  
$ 98.00
Item: 116-R
Double Nameja ring with twist overlay (can have center stone)  
Silver :  $ 325.00
Gold:  $ 1,695.00
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