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Item: 30-E
White gold earrings with Baguette and Round diamonds  
$ 4,624.00
Item: 31-E
Yellow gold earrings with channel set Rubies    
$ 725.00
Item: 32-E
Fresh water pearls set with gold posts  
$ 89.00
Item: 33-E
Cultured pearls set in gold
$ 298.00
Item: 34-E
White gold hoops set with diamonds in front and inside  of hoop
$ 2289.00
Item: 35-E
Diamond earring studs  (.50 ct.  T.W. )
$ 1,823.00
Item: 38-E
Emerald cluster earrings set in gold
$ 589.00  
Item: 39-E
Gold and blue Topaz earring with charms
$ 489.00
Item: 40-E
Gold earrings with princess cut Lemon quartz  
$ 498.00
Item: 41-E
Gold earrings with London blue Topaz  
$ 498.00
Item: 42-E
Gold kite design earrings with Amethyst    
$ 1259.00
Item: 43-E
Gold earrings with life tree design
GOLD 1225.00
SILVER $ 279.00
Item: 44-E
Gold closed work moon earrings with Topaz
GOLD $ 795.00
SILVER $ 159.00
Item: 45-E
Gold tower design earrings with Topaz
GOLD $ 769.00
SILVER $ 159.00   
Item: 46-E
Gold Life tree design earrings with Amber  
$ 715.00
Item: 47-E
Gold Princess design earring with dangles and genuine Amber  
$ 795.00
Item: 48-E
Two tone gold crescent hoop earrings (white and yellow gold) .
$ 425.00
Item: 49-E
Yellow gold hoop earrings
Item: 50-E
Yellow gold Rucavas design earrings (Large)
$ 1059.00
Item: 51-E
Yellow gold Rucavas design (small)
$ 789.00  
Item: 52-E
Yellow gold crescent hoop earrings with Diamonds (.50 ct.  T.W.)
$ 989.00
Item: 53.E
Gold window design earrings  
Gold $759.00  
Silver $169.00
Item: 54-E
Gold one bell dangle earrings with straight cut  
$ 298.00
Item: 56-E
Cultured pearl earrings set with gold disk  
$ 98.00
Item: 58-E
Silver hoop with natural amber beads   
$ 59.00
Item: 59-E
Silver hoop with honey amber beads   
$ 79.00
Item: 60-E
Dangle earrings with amber and silver beading   
Item: 61-E
Long silver dangley amber and silver earrings   
Item: 63-E
Silver and amber dangle earrings   
$ 39.00
Item: 69-E
Honey amber studs  
$ 49.00
Item: 70-E
Silver stud earrings with scalloped design   
Silver: $ 59.00
Item: 71-E
Silver and amber oval earrings   
Silver: $ 69.00
Item: 72-E
Square silver stud earrings with amber
Silver: $ 49.00
Item: 73-E
Square amber stud earrings   
$ 39.00
Item: 74-E
Silver stud earrings with green amber  
$ 59.00
Item: 75-E
Silver Quad design earrings with amber    
Silver: $ 289.00
Item: 76-E
Silver and amber beaded earrings
Item: 78-E
Silver dangle earrings with square green Quartz   
Silver: $ 39.00
Item: 79-E
Silver Swirl earrings   
Silver: $ 79.00
Item: 80-E
Two tone stud earrings with CZ   
Silver: $ 39.00
Item: E-1                                                                                                     
Silver flower earrings with five (5) dangles on silver chains
Silver: $169.00
Item: 82-E
Silver wide hoop with 7-day dangle  
Silver:$ 89.00
Item: 83-E
Silver hoop with natural yellow amber   
Silver: $ 49.00
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