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Various Stone Options Are Available.
Please Call Or E-mail For Stone Price.  Double click pics for detailed view!
Item: 27-R
Gold ring with green Beryl     
$ 1795.00
Item: 28-R
Large gold ring with amber
Item:  29R    Two tone Gold ring (yellow and white gold)
Item: 30-R
Gold ring with lilac Amethyst   
Item:  31-R  Gold ring with DV symbol
Item: 32-R
Gold ring with lilac Obsidian   
Item: 33-R
Gold ring with pink Kundzite  excellent color....bright stone
Item:  34-R   Gold twist design ring with genuine Baltic  amber
Item: 35-R
Gold ring with square Blue Topaz.  Bezel set frame around stone.
Item: 37-R Sterling silver ring with three bands and a genuine Blue Topaz
Item: 38-R
14k white gold ring with clear Topaz  ..clear and white as a diamond..Beautiful stone
$ 1195.00
Item:  39-R   Large silver "Saules"   (SUN) ring with genuine amber ...approx.31mm across top
Item: 40-R
yellow gold  ribbon design ring with sapphires and diamonds
$ 1295,00
Item: 41-R
yellow gold ring with Amethyst......   medium to dark lilac color.
Item:  42-R      Contemporary silver ring with curved Baltic Amber.   Adjustable
Item:  43-R           Silver free-form ring with dark Cognac color Baltic amber
Item:  44-R       Silver ring with filigree set Baltic Amber
Item: 45-R
Gold ring with rich dark red Garnet set in a lacy yellow gold setting
$ 379.00
Item:  46-R         Oval silver ring with genuine Baltic Amber.......Adjustable size
Item: 47-R   Silver ring with a Cylinder shape, cognac color Baltic Amber.
Item: 48-R
Large yellow gold Gents ring with 4 genuine rubies and 16 genuine diamonds  .  Beautiful detail on ring.
$ 1,595.00
Item: 49-R
Gold princess ring with blue genuine lite Topaz  .  Stone is very bright and well cut.
$ 1659.00
Item: 50-R Large sterling silver ring with genuine Baltic amber....approx.18.75mm X 26mm     
Item: 50-AM   Sterling ring with beautiful faceted Amber...unusual!
Item:  51-R   Sterling silver ring with eight (8) beaded ambers with cognac color.
Item: 52-R
18k White gold ring with genuine Aquamarine and surrounded by 1.5 of diamonds.  Rare size for a genuine
aqumarine 11mmX11mm princess cut square.
$ 8590.00
Item:  53-R               Bypass ring with two marquise cut ambers (gold and cognac tones)....double click pic for detail!
Item:  54-R  Silver rectangular Baltic Amber ring.  
Item:  55-R  Silver ring with green marquise cut Baltic Amber.
Item:  56-R  Two tone silver with gold ring containing a Dark Cognac oval Amber
Item: 58 R         Gents silver ring with Amber
Item: 59-R
Gents ring with a genuine green  Malachite   
$ 159.00
Item: 60-R
Gents ring with side engraving and Tiger Eye  
Item:  61-R    silver ring with a horizontal rectangular Baltic Amber
Item: 62-R
Silver ring with oval Amber
Item:  63-R  Large rectangular Baltic Amber ring...set in silver
Item:  64-R   Silver ring with an oval amber
Item:  65-R   Silver ring with a horizontally set Baltic Amber.
Item:  66-R   Marquise cut Baltic Amber set in sterling silver.
Item: 67-R
Silver ring with yellow veined Amber bead  
$ 89.00
Item:  68-R   Silver Ribbon design ring with 3-genuine green Ambers
Item:  69-R   Turquoise, cognac and golden Amber are set in a sterling silver ring.
Item: 70-R   Sterling Silver ring with 5-genuine Baltic Ambers (green, cognac,
and golden yellow)
Item:  71-R   Sterling silver "V" shape ring with genuine  round Amber.
Item:  72-R   silver ring with six (6) amber beads  (cognac and golden color amber)
Item:  73-R   Sterling silver ring with 3- caged free floating ambers
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